Sports and Deep Tissue


30 min =   $70

60min =  $120

90min =  $170


Insurance receipts available

**Student pricing available**

What is included

Orthopedic Testing

Specific physical testing to identify the source of pain/discomfort.

Using manual muscle testing and orthopedic assessment to create a specific treatment.

Sports & Deep Tissue Massotherapy

Using several techniques to give you the best treatment, options include:

-Swedish Massage

-Deep Tissue Massage

-Myofascial Release

-Sports Massage

-Trigger Point Therapy

Passive Mobilisations/ Assisted Stretching

Body feeling stiff, this gentle assisted mobility sequence is tailored to help improve your range of motion, improve kinesthetic awareness helping you return to pain free living.


Use of the specialized massage gun techniques will blow away tension and any adhesions in fascia. Used in tandem with deep tissue techniques to maximize the release of tensions built up in muscle tissue.

Coming Soon

Cupping Therapy

In combination with neural glides cupping therapy has been shown to help reduce tension and improve range of motions.

Hot Stones Massage

Melt away tension and muscle stiffness.


Hot stones also encourage blood flow throughout the body. 

This session is aimed to reduce chronic pain and tensions through the heat and treatment with hot stones.