About us

RESCUE HEALTH SERVICES was created to help you reach your goals!

Massotherapy//Personal Training//CPR & First Aid

With a background in Kinesiology, Personal training, massotherapy, and CPR/First Aid training

Reclaim your power and bring out your best self with RESCUE HEALTH SERVICES

Rescue Health Services was created to bring you to your best potential!

Using our holistic approach to health, Rescue Health Services uses First Aid Training, Personal Training, and Massotherapy services to prime you to reach your best self.

Serving in the Health industry since 2014, certifying medical professionals in CPR, treating athletes through deep tissue massage, and prescribing training programs to unleash your best self!

Currently a Registered Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, First Aid Instructor, & 3rd year Kinesiology Student. Alex has a passion for understanding the human body to keep you pain free and feeling strong.

In his off-time, Alex is experimenting with new training methods in the gym, learning new treatment techniques, & coaching others in incorporating a balanced healthy lifestyle.